Cuisine in the Digital Age – Part Two

This goes back to day 39.

The game has changed – forever!

Cuisine, so many lovable aspects are gone, as I wrote in the last post.
Let us explore new ways to enjoy what ultimately elevated humanity above animals and was a fundamental prerequisite to the cognitive revolution.
I will address this complex topic in a future post. However, throwing meat into the fire was even smarter than to crush some enemy skulls with a flintstone.
Another path for Cuisine in the Digital Age is the old school Take Away Delivery Channel.
On the way to your Chef, you have plenty of time to look forward and raise expectations and dream of what you will soon get.
Ali Güngörmüş’s PAGEOU is located right in the middle of Munich, and we had the chance to walk through empty streets that were once filled vibrant, metropolitan life – gone.
At the spacious location, we had some time to chat a little with Ali and see how everybody is struggling with the situation.

The ramaining touch point

However, this is, after all, another workable approach for those times.

Overall evaluation:
An excellent modular menu from a Michelin one-star restaurant that you pick up and fly home to enjoy.

So what is so smart?
You do not have to reinvent the wheel. It is a well know procedure we all know from fast food. Here the focus is on real food and not on a value stream for stuff that is only legally considered as food and optimized to squeeze the last micro cent of margin. In terms of the Extended Business Model Canvas, it is just a new channel without any changes to the rest.

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