Cuisine in the Digital Age

Cuisine, I mean real food, served at real places, from real chefs is probably amongst the most severely hit sectors of our global economy.

  • Carless strolling through ancient lanes of historic cities to find a new gem – gone
  • Browsing the menu – gone
  • Chatting with the service – gone
  • The somehow weird privacy in an overcrowded bistro sitting close to others and knowing the noise level is a perfect cover for intimate secrets – gone

However, the food itself is still there, and it is fascinating to watch the digital evolution right in front of you by exploring the new ways of enjoying cuisine in the digital age.

I want to start by sharing the fun with unboxing, preparation and enjoying “Müller’s Glücksmomente für den Muttertag”.

Müller’s Box

Nelson Müller and his fabulous work deserve more attention, but here I want to focus on his approach, which is very close to the Cuisine Value Stream along the cooking line that you have in any good restaurant.

  • The chef is gently nudging you to a menu, and you should take that hint and order it.
  • The stations have everything prepared for the last step to ship out quickly when the order ticket arrives at the cooking line.

The pre-processed ingredients you get are:

Bread and salted butter

Just give the bread a final kick in the oven and let the butter warm up at room temperature.

Vitello Tonnato

Vitello Tonnato ingredients

Just arrange the perfectly pre-cooked thin slices of veal meat on a plate and add the tonnato sauce (still looking for a more artistic way to do this without jeopardizing the amount). Decorate with the assembly of delicious antipasti.

Vitello Tonnato – served
Morel Essence ingredients

Just heat it and add the Mule Pockets, Crepe Roulades, and finely sliced root vegetables.

Morel Essence – served
Chicken Fricassee ingredients

The corn chicken breast meat in champagne sauce with champignons, asparagus, and carrots needs some heat and slight dilution. Of course, I have skipped the dilution and just heated up very carefully. Pour this over a bed of colored rice. 

Chicken Fricassee – served

Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries and white chocolate truffles

Chocolate Mousse – served

The only trick here is to get it out of the box on a real plate.

Overall evaluation:

Excellent thought out menu that keeps you busy enough in the kitchen without taking to much time and letting you enjoy a tremendous multi-course menu at home. Next time we will try out the Grill Box.

So what is so smart?

None of the courses themself are stellar, but all guarantee a good enough outcome and keep you busy enough to let you think you have done something.

Therefore a

  • low downside risk combined with
  • realistically achievable business value with the
  • available resources at a
  • reasonable price with
  • transparent control governance.

The secret sauce for business value in the digital age, right? Oh, my goodness, the business value artist in me once again slipped through 🤓

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