From this page, you can access the google maps for the four categories of restaurants, bistros, cafés, dining rooms, takeaways or whatever location type where we had a foodie experience worth remembering.

The Kydroon’s Foodie Evaluation System has four levels:

🤮 Miserable big fail! Runaway as fast as possible!
🙂 Acceptable. Quite OK! There are some negative aspects,
but on an overall view, outweighed
😋Excellent! It goes on the Foodie Happy list
🤩Top rank! Epic, milestone and beyond exceptional. The Foodie Star list

Kydroon’s Foodie Evaluation System has cool features:

  • There is just one level for crap. That is enough for crap, and I do not care to distinguish between totally crap or somehow crap. 
  • The base level is acceptable, and this means good enough. That is already a lot, and we should, in general, apply more often the concept of good enough.
  • Excellent is good enough plus some unique features which make it shine out of the crowd.
  • Finally, the top rank is for the exceptional excellent ones. That is, of course, always a personal biased view.

Then we have some more lists:

…oh, yes, this is work in progress…