Pescheria: Homeport for fish lovers in Munich

One drawback on Munich is its distance from fresh fish, and here I am talking about fresh fish from everywhere, not just the local coast. This lifts Frankfurt beyond Hamburg or even Barcelona. The good stuff from there is in a few hours in Frankfurt, along with good stuff from the rest of the world.

However, the friendly, nice, and crazy guys from Pescheria seem to be well connected in the fish world.

When you step inside, you can not miss the vitrine with fresh fish that you will also see on the daily menu.

It has a vibrant ambiance with an earned own patina that can not be copied. It is full of people in a good mood, offering the right amount of background sound for your privacy without being too loud.

…OK, first, I have to reiterate the fantastic highly sophisticated Kydroon’s Foodie Evaluation System 🤓

🤮 Miserable big fail! Runaway as fast as possible! There is just one level for crap. That is enough for crap, and I do not care to distinguish between totally crap or somehow crap. Crap is crap, and it goes on this list with all the other crap.
🙂 Acceptable. Quite OK! There are some negative aspects, but on an overall view, outweighed. The base level is acceptable, and this means good enough. This is already a lot, and we should, in general, apply more often the concept of good enough.
😋 Excellent! It goes on the Foodie Happy list. Excellent is good enough plus some unique features which makes it shine out of the crowd.
🤩 Top rank! Epic, milestone, and beyond exceptional. The top rank is for the exceptional excellent ones.

And now…
The overall ranking for the Pescheria is: 😋 (Excellent!)

It feels good
Sword Mussel – It is something I know from my very first book on sea life, I have to admit, it was the first time I could eat them: delicious!
pulpo á la gallega
…the salt covers, fosters, protects and unveils the:
Royal gilt-head Bream, or Orata or Dorade
Tasty perfect al dente side dish
We had the Benito Ferrara, Greco di Tufo, which was a perfect fit
Cardenal Mendoza is OK, Cardenal Mendoza Carta Real is from Fhloston Paradise
we kept them busy until the very end…
Looking forward to the next visit

One thought on “Pescheria: Homeport for fish lovers in Munich

  1. I totally love this place in my neighborhood. I would go for fried calamari as you cannot have it like that anywhere nearby and it satisfies the island girl in me and a warm chocolate cake with ice cream…yum! yum! yum! it is kinda pricy but dining there is all worth it!!!

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