Nobu: Peruvian Japanese Fusion in Munich

I think most people who have ever visited a Nobu restaurant remember this for the rest of their life. It is excellent foodie stuff made of creativity, presentation, and ambiance. When those dimensions are well balanced, meaning maxed out, it is OK to excuse the high price tag.

The last time I was in a Nobu was ten years ago in Gotham. I think at that time the restaurant was in Tribeca and we could only get in without reservation because of a blizzard, as most canceled their booking.

The Nobu in Munich is on the first floor of the Mandarin Oriental, which is the building below our favorite rooftop sundowner enjoyment place. The summer dinner was a perfect excuse to try it out finally.

I like this fusion because it is more than the sum of two exceptional philosophies:

  • Japanese: the pinnacle of product or ingredient excellence. What European cuisine puts into preparation, Japanese puts into the ingredients.
  • Peruvian: The best Latin American cuisine. Closely chased by Mexican Food but more elaborated – my point of view.
    Both are a little stuck in their philosophy and highly benefit from this perfect mix!

So, enough words. Let us now apply my highly sophisticated Kydroon’s Foodie Evaluation System 🤓 to Nobu Matsuhisa in Munich!

🤮 Miserable big fail! Runaway as fast as possible!
🙂 Acceptable. Quite OK! There are some negative aspects, but on an overall view, outweighed.
😋 Excellent! It goes on the Foodie Happy list
🤩 Top rank! Epic, milestone and beyond exceptional

Kydroon’s Foodie Evaluation System has some cool features I have to explain:

  • There is just one level for crap. That is enough for crap, and I do not care to distinguish between totally crap or somehow crap. Crap is crap, and it goes on this list with all the other crap.
  • The base level is acceptable, and this means good enough. This is already a lot, and we should, in general, apply more often the concept of good enough.
  • Excellent is good enough plus some unique features which makes it shine out of the crowd.
  • Finally, the top rank is for the exceptional excellent ones. This is, of course, always a personal biased view that may be linked to special occasions, locations, and my personal history.

I also want to have stuff in all buckets, so in doubt, I will always favor the more extreme ones.

The overall ranking for the Nobu in Munic is: 🤩

Crispy Shrimps with three sauces
The obligatory Pisco Sour (I always wonder why this cocktail is not more popular)
Seafood Ceviche
Peruvian Gazpacho
Grilled Monkfish with solid Chimichurri – here we are now in high orbit!
Braised (48h) Short Rib – here we are activating the FTL engine! 🤩

Please take a look on the feature picture of this post which which is a zoom into this dish. It is an absolute highlight and you have to enjoy it yourself. Explosion of taste and total surprise of texture. Enjoying food is one of the four main reasons of existence, I am in heaven and right now can not recall the other three! 😋😇

Kydroon, the foodie
Deconstructed lemon grass cheese cake – otherworldish good

The evaluation breakdown is: there is no breakdown 🤓

…because it doesn’t matter. That is the last important part of the highly sophisticated Kydroon’s Foodie Evaluation System. As a big fan of KPIs, measuring, counting, evaluation, and assessing, I know that this leads to a useless overanalysis. We tend to often come up with sophisticated models to hide our personal, biased, subjective opinion behind formulas.

It is the result of a current mix of dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen. There is no rationality in this complex soup of hormones in our brain.

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