As Dubai continues to push forward with its innovative and ambitious steps towards a promising future, it is becoming more evident each day just how powerful technology can be in transforming societies. Based on a tradition as a trade hub in the last millennials, Dubai continues to establish itself as a center of blockchain-based solutions and technological innovation for businesses worldwide.

Moreover, their progressive policies have enabled multinational companies and skilled individuals from around the globe to thrive in this dynamic environment, making them unique stakeholders in reaping the benefits that these new technologies bring.

With every passing moment, Dubai ushers us closer toward a future full of prosperity and abundance – read on to discover why!

Sommer was fading in Munich, it was getting cold, and we were not members of the “let’s freeze to shock Putin party.” We looked forward to guaranteed warm sunny weather within an acceptable flight distance, so why not Dubai, which was still on our Travel-to-List?

We landed in an unexpected futuristic tomorrow holiday, spending the whole week in an arcology. We lived between the 65 and 75 levels and only left the skyscraper just once to see it from below.

You wake up in an ultra-modern stylish suite and enjoy your fresh coffee on the balcony overseeing the skyline of Dubai. You see a busy city with highways with ten lanes. You are happy that you can return to your air-conditioned room anytime – it is hot outside!

You are up to a busy lazy day. You start with a little workout at the gym, then you continue with a fantastic breakfast where you can choose from any international food style, and then it gets serious. It is hard work to spend the day at the infinity pool with a view of the Burj Khalifa, serviced whenever you wish to, listen to music, read a book, or hear an audiobook while lying in the sun until it is time for dinner.

The infinity pool is the highest on this planet!

We dress up, cool down, and increase our appetite in the EllaMia café.

Then you have to choose between the Italian Fi’lia with a fantastic concept: every dish, besides the excellent pizza, is available in three versions:

nonna | (among Italian speakers) a person’s grandmother

traditional Italian flavors your grandmother would make

mamma | one’s mother (especially as a child’s term)

contemporary twists on namesake classic

figlia | daughter (Italian)

the daughter’s modern approach to a generational masterpiece

It is paired with a view of the glittering night skyline of Dubai and the light show on Burj Khalifa. At least here, there is energy in abundance and not dark as in medieval times as it is now in Germany.

Or you go to Carna by Dario Cecchini, the contemporary steakhouse of the SLS arcology, where we had the best meat in our life.

Regardless of your steak, you must also take the tartar that Mike will love to serve you – it is heavenly good!

That does not end the day, and you still have to solve the riddle and find the secret pathway to the hidden Smoke and Mirrors. A Latin American lounge where you can enjoy the great varieties of Mezcal with even more cigars to choose from, enjoying the night skyline of Dubai with live Cool Jazz.

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