Discovery Bande

Munich has something for everyone when it comes to food. Of course, it is less international and innovative than Frankfurt am Main, which is still the Benchmark in Germany.

You can go beyond plain vanilla traditional Bavarian fares like Weisswurst and Semmelknödel to a Munich starter of veal lung, tripe, and sweet and sour veal sweetbread or calf sausage baked with potato salad.

You will also find good restaurants offering international flavors from Italy, India, Peru, and whatever. There should be something for every palate in this large bustling village.

We always seek something more daring, such as wild Yeti, chapulines, or a local wolpertinger. For this, we still have to check out many locations.

To explore Munich’s food scene together with like-minded other foodies as a team, we founded the “Discovery Bande” last year. Since then, we have met regularly to explore new restaurants together — sharing our foodie experiences is much more fun.

When you want to join Angelika, Yasemin, Tanja, and Kurt, grab your friends, drop us a line, and let’s hit up one of the city’s many eateries — you won’t be disappointed!

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