The Decadente – Guilt-Free Self-Indulgence

Our first and the last stop (we had to come back)

The Decadentes is one of the new young wild Portugees restaurants where traditional receipts based on local, high-quality products are spectacularly reborn.

It is this perfect experience when you stroll around, research planless with high expectations, and are surprised to get even more finally.

The restaurant is ideally located on the backside of the Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara, where you can have the best view of Lisboa at sundown. Unfortunately, we were even (un)lucky to have a street food event that we had to skip on our last stop. We knew we had still a lot on the menu card to explore.

Miguel described the food as: confusing, intriguing, but it makes sense

A perfect description, and I have to add: you have to experience it yourself!

The foodporn at Decadentes

Algarve Prawn, Chicken Skin, Nori
Chargrilled Beef Heart Cabbage, Almonds Sauce, and Citrus
Iberian Black Pork, Smoked Celeriac, and Pecan Nuts
Squid from the Azores and Caldo Verde
Smoked Lamb, Chargrilled Swiss Chard, Preserved Lemon
Compressed Cucumber, Black Pepper Merengue, Lime and Vanilla Granita

On our second visit we had…

Sourdough Bread, Azores Smoked Butter
Azeitão Cheese
Decadent’s Fried Chicken, Coriander, Piri Piri Sauce
Peixinhos da Horta, Bulhão Pato Broth
Chargrilled Smoked Seabass, Cozido Broth, and Iberian Pork Chorizo
Caramelized Lemony Bread, Vanilla Smoked Cream, Orange Curd and Lemon Infused Olive Oil
Portuguese Pão-de-Ló, Olive Oil, Sea Salt flakes

The Team

Chef & Service (left to right) Melisa, Miguel, David (the chef)

It is a great pleasure with those guys – let them guide you through the menu and let them recommend.

Kitchen Team

Confusing, intriguing, but it makes sense – Miguel

The Location

The source of the great taste


Top Rank! Epic! 🤩

🤮 Miserable big fail! Runaway as fast as possible!
🙂 Acceptable. Quite OK! There are some negative aspects,
but from an overall viewpoint, outweighed.
😋Excellent! It goes on the Foodie Happy list
🤩Top rank! Epic, milestone and beyond exceptional
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