Sparkling Bistro

Coming from Frankfurt, everybody has to admit that there is more high-end cuisine in Frankfurt. I am still trying to distill this vague feeling into some unambiguous numbers, but!

…yes, there are hidden precious gems in Munic that would shine bright and probably even brighter amongst the mentioned ones from Mainhattan.

You just have to find them, and Hussi & Steffi found one for us that I have to share.

Sparkling Bistro, the storytelling restaurant. I could now delve into that beautiful memory, but I want to make this story short and to the point.

Embrace the pleasure of being guests and let loose any control. We went for a five-course dinner accompanied by matching wines. As a non-native, non-poet, I am far away from being able to describe the pleasure we had. Not just food and wine. Get in touch with Jürgen and unfold the storytelling. Enjoy being his guest, and you will find yourself in a well-balanced melange of olfactoric, gustatory, and dialectical experience.

Again, I am writing myself into a rage, and we had enough words. Let us apply my highly sophisticated Kydroon’s Foodie Evaluation System 🤓 to Sparkling Bistro.

(sorry, I have to repeat this part as most people are too lazy to click into the explanation to read it isolated)

🤮 Miserable big fail! Runaway as fast as possible!
🙂 Acceptable. Quite OK! There are some negative aspects,
but on an overall view, outweighed.
😋Excellent! It goes on the Foodie Happy list
🤩Top rank! Epic, milestone and beyond exceptional

Kydroon’s Foodie Evaluation System has some cool features I have to reiterate:

  • There is just one level for crap. That is enough for crap, and I do not care to distinguish between totally crap or somehow crap. 
  • The base level is acceptable, and this means good enough. That is already a lot, and we should, in general, apply more often the concept of good enough.
  • Excellent is good enough plus some unique features which make it shine out of the crowd.
  • Finally, the top rank is for the exceptional excellent ones. That is, of course, always a personal biased view.

I also want to have stuff in all buckets, so in doubt, I will always favor the more extreme ones.

The overall ranking for the Sparkling Bistro in Munic is: 🤩 Exceptional!

If you want to read more, I would recommend this article from urban-pioneer.

Another good review from the the Süddeutsche.

As you see: perfect presentation. As I can tell, exceptional excellent taste.

As I can also only tell, each dish comes with a story from Jürgen. Go and get your very own 😇.

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