The Selati Males – A coalition of four male lions in Sabi Sands

The Inyati Lodge was my next stop. Actually this was my first real game lodge and an incredible experience of wildlife and luxury. I will come back to this with an dedicated post but first I want to share my lion pictures from Inyati.

Inyati in Sabi Sands is currently in the center of the Selati Males territory. Four young male lions at the peak of power. They recently were able to take over the territory of an older coalition, the Mapogos.

I am deeply impressed by those magnificent cats. They radiate natural authority in a way I have not experienced elsewhere. But even though they are at the end of the food chain and they know about their power it is not an easy life.

A coalition usually takes over a territory and can feed on it in the next six years. Then younger ones will push them into retirement. For lions this means they have to start stealing kills from others and compete with other scavengers. A bitter end of life for a king…

A king has its reign and than he dies – it is inevitable…

This drowns me in a depressive philosophical mood thinking about life…

…for what all this hassle?!

The natural order does not allow any living being a comfortable existence. I’m chewing right now on my biltong stock and drinking an Amarula Creme and I realize I am incredibly lucky. Being a Human, living in this age and living in Europe. I fear this is a very rare glitch that will fade away…

Phuuu… this sounds really depressing. Let’s take a positive view on it: travel the world and absorb the wonders as long as it is possible 🙂

This is one of the main sports of my photos

Panorama of the spot

A real boys team

They know they are kings

I love cats…

Have I mentioned I love cats?

…hunting buffaloes is risky…

This lioness was totally fed up by a fresh Kudu kill just 2 meters away (wait for the pictures in upcoming posts) – perhaps one of the few moments of relaxation…

[AFG_gallery id=’5′]

An here is the link to the Flickr album


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