Ice Diving

Ice diving is cool! Well it is really cool at the end! After carrying all your stuff to the lake, trying hard not to slide to death on your way down (do not forget to have some spikes on your dry-suit shoes!), enjoying the effect of sun on your black dry-suit, sweating your dry-suit wet and then freezing your face off in the water it is cool – finally!

However, after your face is frozen and that takes just seconds, you will really feel comfortable. It is just the time after your first or second exit when it gets cold.
I had terrific fun with my buddies from Dive4Fun! Cutting the ice-hole, jumping into the freezer, mimicking the elegance of penguins entering and leaving the water and debating afterwards the great achievements is something everybody must do!
Take a look at this pre-darf-early-director-preview to get an impression how far madness can go if not treated early!
This is the dive profile you can expect (it gets warmer to the bottom [3.5 vs. 2 degrees Celsius] and as in every other central European lake there is nothing to see)

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