Game Over Player One

The more time I have to think about it, the more I come to fatalistic conclusions.

We pulled the plug. We have successfully cut off most of our intoxicated limbs to preserve the brain.

I have no doubt, the pandemic will pass by, and here in Germany, from my perception, we are on the right path toward the near term OKR.

Key Result: reduce R0 under 1.

Objective: do not hit the health system capacity ceiling;

That is the procedural path where engineers optimize in the well-known efficiency domain.
Germany has an outstanding success track record in this domain.

However, switching to tec diver lingo now: we had never performed s-drills on the replug-the-world-economy-procedures. It will be very dark in an even darker world.

We may be along with some few other not-losers of this epic escape-the-bear-race, just to realize there is nothing left. From my point of view, the global shutdown goes way beyond the darkest days of the last world war.

What we see is the afterglow of our civilization.
Nothing will be the same.
We are fucked up…

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