Day 47

I have a perfect home office, I am busier than before, at least until now, as it is tough to see through the fog of war.

My wife and I have plenty of space and a park right in front of our home to exercise. The deli shop is one station away. I finally have a perfect reason for not going to the hairstylist, and we have no kids but a bidet and can endlessly sustain a toilet paper shortage.

Perfect Corona-quarantine environment, right? No! There is nowhere a place to hide from the upcoming change for nobody. Check Richard Branson’s story. He had everything I still would like to have: a lodge in Sabi Sands, my island in the Caribbean sea, and a company able to build space ships.

The change will be huge. It will be dramatic. It will blow our minds.

As I enjoy fatalistic statements, let us try this: It will be a significant evolutionary step for humankind, or it will ring the bell for a long, painful decay into oblivion.

Where are we right now? Some nations have successfully survived the first wave with more or less damage. Writing from the German perspective (1st May 2020), ca. 160k infected, ca. 130k recovered, ca. 6k dead.

We successfully handled the first wave, where only 0,2% of the overall population got involved.

For this, we essentially had to pull the plug on the entire society. Now with an R0 of below zero, everybody (IMHO) shouts for: put the plug back! Just where? How do you restart the world economy? This has never been done before?

…let us explore this later…

(we need a story – I have one, I am just not sure how many share my perspective, that it has to be a totally and absolutely new story)

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