Corona, Covid-19 and Toilet Paper

Finally, an opportunity to jump on the Corona topic! 🤓

This is living

Humanity is so incredibly mind-boggling! So, while we are right in the middle of a pandemic outbreak of, well, what exactly? Looks like a more contagious but less deadly flu? The only threat is, it would overload the capacity of the health system, which admittedly would look bad but would not kill more people as flue does anyway every year. OK, the overload would take its toll to, but come on at 7+ billion, there is enough material. 😉

In this crisis, the ONLY thing you really can not get any longer at the supermarkets is TOILET PAPER? Is this the most significant concern people have?

AND, shortly after taking this picture, parts of the shelf were refilled with standard toilet paper, people then ask: “is this recycled toilet paper? No? Ah, well, then we will not take it!” 🤪

OK, I have to admit, I also didn’t buy it. I use only four-layered toilet paper. The new supply was just double layered. 😎

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