Cevicheria Pez

At the end of a hot day, when the soft tar regains some of its former stability but still radiates warmth. When you are starving, but also look for something refreshing and saturating. When you had enough pizza from one of the 1600 restaurants in Munich, when you want to try something new, when you stroll during a hot summer night through Münchner Freiheit district, then you should go for Ceviche, at one of the only 3 Peruvian restaurants here in Munich.

Cevicheria Pez

For me, it is the best way to enjoy raw fish. Sashimi is delicate too, but the Japanese philosophy is so sharply focused on the product quality itself, that it misses the possibilities of mixing and refining.

Ceviche is the perfect mix when you want raw fresh fish and some extra flavors at the same time.

The classical Ceviche itself is when you use the right products in the right quality a guaranteed success. It looks back on thousands of years of success, and it offers a stable, robust platform for some innovative extensions or fusion.

Here is where the guys from Cevicheria Pez excel.

Pulpo Anticuchero
Pulpo Anticuchero

Trio de Ceviches – Clasico, Thai, and Nikkei

Ceviche Afrodisiaco
Ceviche Afrodisiaco – with an incredible delicious chili sauce
Accompanying wine - Bicicletas y Peces
Accompanying wine – Bicicletas y Peces Sauvignon Blanc 2017
This is the cool team that will mezmerize you with ceviche

…and if you can engage the chef in a talk about the best spots in Peru and the best way to cook and eat Cuy, you will probably be luck to taste some of those nice ones 😋


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