Chapulines from Oaxaca

Authentic Mexican food is, by far, my favorite food. Why?

  • I love Italian cuisine. It is through its simplicity unbeatable.
  • I love French cuisine. It is through its history of aroma refinement and presentation unbeatable.
  • I love Spanish cuisine. It is both in traditional tapas as in the molecular cuisine unbeatable.
  • I love Japanese cuisine. The pristine quality of the raw products is unbeatable.

However, Mexican food beets it all. It looks back on a long history and combines more products that originated from there. It is the very source for the global cuisine we all enjoy today.

I am not talking about Tex-Mex, and not at all, talking about the even more diluted European version of Tex-Mex that is served here.

I am talking about Oaxacan food. The herbs, the chilies, the meat, flavors, the rolled cheese balls, the raw mole creme, and the secret ingredient that no money can buy here: the Chapulines!

Chapulines, Chapulines with garlic, Chapulines with chilies, Chapulines with garlic and chilies – it is by far the most superior snack on this planet. 😋

When you have some time in Oaxaca, you have to visit Isra & Tuti where you will be involved in the gathering at the market, the preparation, and the cooking itself. You will love it!

Chicken Galantine with Chapulines

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