Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen

This is my first documentary based on my Bikini Atoll trip from last year on the MV Windward. The last boat on this planet with a license for dive trips to a lost paradise and a shameful pinnacle of human hubris!

Well not all humans. It was definitely not my fault and I am just the explorer 😎

I was right to avoid videography!  😉 Afterwards it takes so much time to turn it into something slightly usable. Before it is even worse, as it would simply block you from your vacation…

Please enjoy what I have assembled based on footage that was never intended to be used in this context. Most of the footage is from my Backup-GoPro that is mounted on my Canon. It just runs permanently throughout the dive but the material was by far more useful as the stills I got with my camera.

Also a big thank you to Robert and Peter for their material that was very helpful to turn it into a story. Robert from Wirodive.de organized the trip and was the battle drone pilot, Peter was my trusted buddy!

…and durring the editing process I learned you need real music, you need a voiceover, FCPX is complex and M5 even more…

Here is the result on Youtube: Battle Cruiser Prinz Eugen

This is so far my most successful Youtube clip 600k and counting…
Screen from Final Cut Pro X on the final project

Next topics will be:

  • On Tec Diving
  • Life on the MV Windward
  • The Penetration of the USS Saratoga

3 thoughts on “Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen

  1. At about 4:09 into your Prinz Eugen video, you mistakenly identify Bismark as the “HMS Hood.” This is a well known combat video of the Bismark actually taken from the decks of the Prinz Eugen firing a salvo AT the Hood. You may wish to edit that miss identification out, as its completely inaccurate. FYI. Otherwise, cool video!

  2. The footage actually starts at 3:57 into your Prinz Eugen dive video. Forgive me and if I may, every Naval historian knows very well what this clip is. It is very famous and it represents the only known combat footage of the Bismark in action known to exist. The footage is taken from the Prinz Eugen and is quit dramatic and exciting. After analyisis, both ships are travelling at a highly classified top speed. It appears as though the much bigger Bismark is actually passing PE. Judging from the enormous wake on her bow, Bismark has her engines full throttle (as fast as she’d go) full speed ahead. Very rare indeed, especially to be recorded in video for that era. At the same time Bismark fires several salvos from her main rear guns. These were huge projectiles weighing as much as a volkswagon being hurled 21 miles away. One of the salvos actually being recorded in the footage hit and sunk the pride and joy the the English Navy, flagship HMS Hood in a single shot. You can also see the incoming rounds missing their mark landing it the water nearby (probably from HMS Prince of Wales).
    It is very clearly NOT the “HMS Hood”. It is the well known and dramatic footage of her assailant Bismark sending Hood to the bottom of the ocean.
    History sensetive with such a well known video.
    Thank you for the cool dive pics.

  3. Hello Christian, thank you very much for the information. In the comments on youtube, I have already apologized for this mistake. However, it is not easy to correct it. It is impossible. I mean, I can upload a new video with the correction and some enhancements I would also like to include, but it would be a totally new video. As I never thought it would ever get more than perhaps 1000 views, you may understand I am watching totally stunned how it gets more and more views. Please take a look at the comments in youtube and let me know what you would like to enhance beyond the already mentioned corrections (preferably directly to kydroon at gmail).

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