Apple jumps the shark

First of all: thank you Ronald for introducing me to this idiom. Jumping the shark is really the very essence of what I see @ Apple.

Do not get me wrong, I am still happy with my MacBook Pro Retina, iMac, iPad Air 2 and iPhone 5s.

However, it is obvious that Apple gave up the strategy introduced by Guy Kawasaki to target, the crazy ones, the misfits, the ones who see things differently. Those still striving to  put a dent in the universe.

I am deeply concerned that Apple gave up Aperture, what is next? The fact that Rihanna bought a golden Apple Watch and the return process is not easy does not help.

So… I was yesterday taking the chance to check my local Apple Store to see if I could buy one, simply because I have to write a good user story for it. I was prepared for two answers:

  • Oh sorry, all sold out, you should have been here yesterday to get one, or
  • Well, we have some really ugly size/color combinations left over from yesterday.


The answer ist: We do not sell the watch here, but we can order it for you here and send it to you.

I see… Apple got from UI over UX to the next level: UF*

  • The watch does not help me to do things smarter (this was true for all Apple products I can remember)
  • The watch can at the best help to work harder (this is not the innovation that pushed mankind so far)
  • The watch battery will not survive a day but will drain your iPhone even faster
  • The watch ist not ugly, but do you know anyone considering it beautiful?

Considering this I am really interested to see if Apple can get away with this incredible global fake after the hype. When this works out mankind has reached a new high score in foolishness…

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