Introducing the Atomic Bikini 2014 Team

I assume most people reading this blog know me and know I am crazy and after all I am telling the Bikini Atoll story for a while now, so you may want to know who are the other crazy people onboard? 🙂

Let us start with…

The Crew

Bikini Team 2014 04 Brian, master guide, master blender and Circus Ringleader

I will drill down later on Tec Divng on the MS Windward in detail – it was excellent!

Bikini Team 2014 24 Matthew, master skipper and sunny boy

Bikini Team 2014 19 Edward, a true Bikini Atoll native.

His mother was one of the folks that where removed from paradise for the good for mankind…

Bikini Team 2014 17 Mango, Smutje or our master cook during the trip

Bikini Team 2014 16 Aro master good guy for everything else

 The Team

Bikini Team 2014 01 Robert playing with his Battle Drone

Bikini Team 2014 09 Robert (as always – logged in into his Battle Drone)

Bikini Team 2014 03 Robert after drowning his Batte Drone

Bikini Team 2014 06 Peter, my dive buddy

Bikini Team 2014 15 Christian, my 2nd stage buddy, and me on the sun deck killing time and nitrogen saturation

…more folks…

Bikini Team 2014 02 Jens and forgot his name

Bikini Team 2014 05 Holger, Christian and Robert (2)

Bikini Team 2014 07 Peter, Barbara and Robert

Bikini Team 2014 08 Robert, Christian and Robert (2)

Bikini Team 2014 10 Forgot his name, Robert and Barbara

Bikini Team 2014 11 Holger, Mr. X, Christian, Jens, Robert (2) and Barbera

Bikini Team 2014 12 Robert, Jens, Mr. X

Bikini Team 2014 14    Bikini Team 2014 18    Bikini Team 2014 22 Christian, Robert (2), Peter, myself

Bikini Team 2014 23 Bikini Team 2014 21



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