My new Radioactive Blog

…after 2 years it was about time to move to a new theme. It should be more lightweight and far more responsive as the last one and is a far better vehicle for the upcoming radioactive posts, so welcome to my new radioactive blog!

The image shows the forward christmas tree. of the USS Saratoga. A structure wreck divers will only find on ships engaged in some nuclear testing. The christmas tree was intended to expose various materials to the nuclear bomb and to learn about the effects. You remember playing in the sandbox with plastic soldiers and ignite them with matches? It is basically just the same just bigger 😉

I still have to beg for some patience for the promised content but I have to admit I am still struggling with some nice features I want to have up and running before..

…and I would also highly appreciate your help to get this new WP service in shape!

  • Do you like the first impression?
  • What about the labeling?
  • What about the design?
  • What about mobile use?
  • Which aspects do you miss?

Please let me know!

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