Back home…

(first after thoughts from home looking back)

…home? A rather strange feeling after such a long time. Please consider, that this is the last picture I have in mind:

The only things you can do there is sunbathing, diving, drinking Cuba Libre and smoking thick Cohibas…
I spent more then the last month mostly with diving – seriously addicted – and was not in the mood or simply not able to post anything new. Even though you will find an internet cafe in tha last adobe village on the Bolivian altiplano, in Cuba this is something very special available only in the top notch hotels. However, I was also not in the mood, as I preferred to sunbath, dive, drink Cuba Libre and smoke thick Cohibas.

(side note: on writing this a hailstorm is just unloading its cargo over my house…)

Leaving Taganga was technically really not easy. Without El Trolls great off-road capabilities it would have been impossible, as all roads where deeply excavated. I needed help from that small excavator to pave me a ramp!

Some impressions from Cartagena, the last stop for brave El Troll.


When you leave Columbia, be prepared for some serious searches by their anti narcotics troups. However, this is nothing compared to the search I got when entering Cuba. “You are the passanger from Columbia? Please follow us…”. Just two hours later I was allready allowed to enter. Oh, durring that search they confiscated my GPS and my sat-phone, as those were potential threats to state security.
Havana is a place for itself. Folded in the Fidelian stasis field it is so totally different from any other place I have seen so far.

The last stop for me was the Maria la Gorde, or more simple: Paradise!

all good things come to an end, but stay tuned for more after posts…


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