Shootout Englischer Garten vs. Central Park

Jogging helps me to run off some of the calories I am permanently adding, but the essential effect is mental garbage collection. I clean off mental tasks, and five minutes into the walk, my mind is clean, empty, and ready for new ideas or train of thoughts.

So on my beloved Englischer Garten jogging tour, I suddenly realized the beauty, size, facets and sheer size and could only compare it to the Central Park which is as I realized dwarfed by our wonderfull Englischer Garten in Munich.

Let’s compare the two: Englischer Garten vs. Central Park

HighlightsTeehaus, Monopteros,
Chinesischer Turm,
Eisbach, Eisbachwelle(n),
several Biergärten
and even a nude area
I am probably biased,
but I can’t figure
anything comparable…
Main LakeKleinhesselhoher See (8,6ha)The Reservoir (43ha)3:2
Bridges100+not even mentioned4:2
Highest point and
view from there
Frauenkirche and Alps
Skyscraper facades
(from below)
Miscellaneousyou can have a beer without
being arrested
I will not open this
can of worms!

…so, that is what I would call: on an overall rating, the Englischer Garten wipes the floor with the central park, right? 😉

…oh, and this is the way to the park…

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