Sea Turtles from Puerto Escondido

Sea Turtles (Chelonioidea)  are the panda bears of the seven seas. Everybody loves them, as they are cool, cute, and endangered. There are just seven types rooting back some 150 million years, and you will find them all over the globe close to the equator.

The first time you see one, you will go wild, but then you will realize they are quite common. It doesn’t change the fact that sea turtles have this built-in coolness feature.

Freshly hatched young sea turtle babies, or Tortuguitas, add on top an unholy sick amount of cuteness.

Usually, the nests are at an unknown location, and it is hard to predict when they hatch. For a regular traveler, this means, forget it! Your odds are not in your favor.

Travel Hack:

You do not have to book a tour for this. Get a taxi, drive to Coco’s Beach Club, at the beach walk about 500m to the right, support Viva Mar and just enjoy the moment.

However, there is a perfect spot in a highly unexpectable place: Puerto Escondido, a relaxed town on the west coast of the pacific ocean in Oaxaca, Mexico. A go-to place for Lonely Planet backpack hikers resulting in a very vivid trashy nightlife around the central beach. A little to much action for sea turtles, but!

Playa Punta Colorada
Playa Punta Colorada

If you travel to the very west of Puerto Escondido, you will find a pristine endless sand beach, the Playa Punta Colorada, which is west of the Playa Bacocho. Such a beautiful place is, of course, the property of a very rich person. In this case, it is within the Carlos Slim Foundation portfolio.

You can only reach it through the Coco’s Beach Club that belongs to the Posada Real, more on this later, therefore no Lonely Planeters, no noise, and no pollution, just the right spot for cute little sea turtle babies.

The Vive Mar cooperation operates there a hatch station. They patrol together with the police every day 30km to protect newly found nests. This translates to a constant supply of eggs ready to hatch, and they have a hatching every evening at 5 p.m.

…and then you enjoy the sundown…

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