Fun with e-Scooters

This is so f* awesome hot! It is definitely the best since bread in slices and by far better as e-Bikes! 🤓 Now they pop up everywhere here in Munich even right in front of my home.

The best is: it is such an incredibly simple story: find a scooter, download the app, set up your account, scan the code, and fly away!

The e-Scooters have a highly enjoyable acceleration, and they are fast, well they could be of course faster. 😎 However, I am quite sure people will find great new ways to hurt themselves even with this speed.

It is the old equation. The probability of meeting idiots is reasonably high and gets higher in the context of new stuff. Scaling means the likelihood not to mess up gets close to zero. 😂

Until then, enjoy the ride! 🛴

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