In preparation for our upcoming trip to Oman, I scanned my archives on the first trip to Oman back in 2014. Oman is a fascinating country with an incredibly long history back to the times of the old testament and even pre-biblical times.

Oh… I am shuddering in awe as I really like old stones and here you can see some ancient stones. Stones from the time when humanity invented civilization, a highly successful but tricky concept we all still have to practice now and then. 🤓

Oman was the very first trade center around something nearly useless but still highly valuable: Frankincense

No temple could be successfully run in the past without this stuff, and as its importance faded and oil took over to run things, the Omanis were lucky to find the oil too. A fortunate country indeed and today no Omani has to work. They are busy, but this is not work as you, and I understand it. 😉

Salalah and along the coast

The more exciting part is around Salalah, where you have access to some interesting archeological sites, the coast, the Jabal Samhan, Wadi Darbat, and the deep desert. Maskat is to clean and lacks the old Suks that are all gone. Unfortunately, Arab taste is a blend of Disney, glaring colors and even more plastic but not the authenticity of patina on old stones you can expect in Europe.

Jabal Samhan

View from Jabal Samhan around 1800m high and with a free view on the Indian Ocean.

This is a mans world…

Deep desert

…this is far away from Arrakis 🤓

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