Exploring the USS Saratoga

If you are not a tec-diver I kindly suggest to stop here and move to more interesting stuff. You will only see dead boring 20 minutes of: endless, dark, narrow, radioactive, rusty gangways full of slit.

If you are a tec-diver you are welcome to follow us on an endless, dark, narrow, radioactive trip through rusty gangways full of slit that may probably spoil all your future wrack dives – it is a space travel to an unexplored alien spaceship. Be my guest…

I prepared myself for this trip for many years and I can only recommend this to everybody thinking about the same. The USS Saratoga will collapse in 5 to 10 years and then this piece of history is gone…

12l doubles (20/25 tri-mix)
52 nitrox 1. stage
91 nitrox 2. stage
GoPro 3
Sola 1200

4 thoughts on “Exploring the USS Saratoga

  1. May I suggest – on your next dive (such as this one to a fragile, rusty, radioactive wreck) that you consider either employing a wider angle light in addition to your narrow beam Sola, or just the wider angle light, keeping the spot Sola as backup. Or to switch back & forth to add more visual excitement. The wide angle light would illuminate more of the rooms you glide through.

  2. You are absolutely right! The beam is really intense and on the helmet it was simply to much light!

  3. Hi,

    Nice video! I’m going to Bikini with my rebreather in Jul/Aug this year. In the video I noticed you had deck plans. I’ve been looking for those. Where did you get them?


    – brett

  4. Great video, thanks! I’m going there on the Truk Master in Jul/Aug this year. Can’t wait.

    Where did you get the deck plans that are shown in your video? I’ve been trying to find similar information for a while.


    – brett

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