Arriving in South Africa

Before I am going to arrive I first have to rant a little bit. I promise this will not happen afterwards.

Lufthansa sucks! A secure and timely departure is just not enough, especially when you burn years of accumulated miles. It was an 11 hours flight on the fabulous new A380. With its decks it definitely has something of the good old Titanic days. However, Lufthansa decided to bring the lower deck flavor to the upper deck. The food is what you get on any non-Lufthansa international economy flight. I could live with that, but! You get an awkward mix between a recliner seat and a not flat angled lie-flat seat. Note to myself: check seat guru next time. It is this smack in the face with the message: We at Lufthansa do not want you filthy scum of passengers who mostly just upgraded to be able to sleep on an overnight flight…

Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA)

Ah… 🙂 I feel the warmth of the sun and foreign new territories. I am a travel junky after all.

Fist lucky strike: I can already switch off my brain and follow the transfer service to the lodge and just look around while driving. After realizing the steering wheel is on the wrong side I decided to switch on the brain for again. No game so far but we are still not in the game reserve.

Tanamera Lodge

Jenice & Russel have created a paradise spot on earth. I can only recommend to get lost at Tanamera Lodge. My plan for this place: Take a helicopter to get an overview and do a little bit of just nothing before I dive into serious game.

The Lodge

See all the rest on the Tanamera Lodge Flickr album.


Blyde River Canyon


Do not miss the clip on Youtube and see all the photos on the Helicopter flight over Mpumalanga Lowvled Flickr album.


Besides cutting the takes from the helicopter flight reading “Richard Despard Estes: The Behavioral Guide to African Mammals” is a very good idea. Seriously it is the perfect preparation for the upcoming game madness and everybody interested in more than just point&shot photos will benefit from it. Actually it is on my shelf since Namibia 2007.

Running down the hill is a very bad idea! The bridge to Tinamoon Lodge is a great spot, but you have to run up after all…

At Tanamera I was also very lucky to meet some cool folks (Greetings to Berlin and you will get your fine new airport – sometime! 😉

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