From this page, you can access the google maps for the four categories of restaurants, bistros, cafés, dining rooms, takeaways or whatever location type where we had a foodie experience worth remembering.

  • The top rank is the Foodie Star List (epic, milestone, beyond exceptional)
  • The excellent rank is the Foodie Happy List (which is already quite exceptional)
  • The good rank is the Foodie Acceptable List (negative aspects are outweighed)
  • The miserable rank is the Foodie Avoid List (run away as fast as you can)
  • The Foodie Dealer List (our dealers)
  • The last list is the Foodie ToDo List (looks promising – needs more data)

⭐️ Foodie Star

😋 Foodie Happy

🙂 Foodie Acceptable

🤮 Foody Avoid

📦 Foodie Dealer

☑️ Foodie ToDo

…oh, yes, this is work in progress…