To all the past and future Astronauts, Cosmonauts and Taikonauts

anybody else around who is so ashamed about the half-century anniversary of the moon landing?

We had a good start. The 3rd Chimpanzee had a great start. We successfully wiped out the calm Neandertals, spread out fast, build Jumbos, and made it to the moon and then?

We f* up – NOTHING of relevance since then!

Considering resources, we could be easily on Proxima Centauri right now. We could offer skiing on Pluto’s frozen methane surface, and we could enjoy deep dives on Europa, hiking the Olymp on Mars. We could do so many fun stuff in the universe instead…

50 years of nothing…

So today I bow in awe and deep respect for all the astronauts, cosmonauts and tyconauts that have actually done something to extend our perspective, they took risks, and some gave their life for it – to extend our horizon – thank you and be remembered!

…oh, I am not an engineer, but I am quite sure this is a hack 🤓

This is a hack, right?

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