Red Sea Wrecks

Yes! Wreck diving is one of the last somehow achievable activities on earth that may bring you into an Indiana Jones feeling. You travel through time and even on heavy dived wrecks as the Thistledorm you are allowed to kill yourself if you wish.

Actually I am surprised we had no casualties on our Safari considering the setup and events, but finally I ended up with some nice pics and movies and a great time.

  • Thistlegorm is an incredible beautiful wreck – some traffic lights would be helpful
  • Giannis D was the most adventurous one as one in our team really managed to get into a heavy oil bubble and totally mess himself up.
  • and even though the Carnatic was not carrying the money Lawrence of Arabia promised to the Arabs it is a nice spot to dive.

This is part 1 of 3 (and the movies are still in production)

SS Carnatic
Red Sea wrecks

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