Camels are formidable animals. Besides being so useful at carrying goods through the desert which includes the ability to domesticate them which applies only to very few animals, besides offering milk which is not my cup of tea, besides the fantastic meat which I love even though it takes nearly a day to get it tender, so besides this all…

They have this extremely relaxed camel stance. This:

  • I do not give a 💩 about the sun and heat here
  • I am thirsty and could drink a well dry, but I do not give a 💩
  • I do not care about the fly cloud around my face
  • I do not care about you, human
  • I do not care a rats ass on anything

Aren’t they cool? 😎

Oh, and you have to watch this TED talk to be astonished to learn where they come from. It fits the list above quite well.

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